Introduction to Foot Reflexology Special


"Phyllis has decades of experience in Reflexology and energy work! She is not only highly skilled, knowledgeable and intuitive, she’s also very calm, friendly and a joy to talk to. I felt extremely at ease in her presence as she assisted me with my EMF sensitivities. Working with my vagus nerve made a huge difference in helping me to relax my nervous system! I highly recommend her services!"

Ellie B.
Asheville, NC

"Phyllis is a very skilled reflexologist. Her method is not painful at all and after my first session I literally sleep like a baby that evening! I will definitely be back. (And for those of you who are direction challenged her office is relaxing and easy to find - with lots of parking). "

Missy G.
SoMa, San Francisco, CA

"I heard my feet sigh "she just gets me" - Phyllis is a wonderfully gifted intuitive healer. She helps you take an active role in your own well being which is an invaluable skill when folks generally feel as though traditional health care has left them with few options. Thank you so much for sharing your light with me!!"

"I danced and skipped along the hallway and out the door after my session with Phyllis. It was amazing how great I felt in such a short time! She gently worked on pressure points and guided my breathing to exhale through the mouth. This assisted me in releasing tension I didn't know I had. All of us hold in our bodies all of our experiences, positive and negative ones. Some of these in our body memory, we are not conscious of. These are held and sometimes cause disharmony or disruption in our "flow". So grateful for Phyllis' experience, wisdom, kindness and intuitiveness in helping me achieve a sense of freedom and wholeness in my body, heart, and soul."

Black Mountain, NC