Vagus Nerve Network

by Phyllis Weimar, ARCB-CR

Vagus Nerve Reflexology can access and activate our vagus nerve network:

  1. Our body's "Tree of Life"
  2. Two cranial nerves originating in the base of skull (occiput)
  3. Branches out to the front and back of body from our head to pelvis
Comprised of:
  • Sympathetic Nervous System
    • FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE response to stress and shock
  • Parasympathetic Nervous System:
    • Our gut instinct
    • Rest and digest processes
    • Feeling safe and protected
    • Sensing danger

When your instinct tells you something is NOT right,
your gut feels it via your vagus nerve 
- and -
tells the rest of your body, "LOOK OUT!"

  • 🠢Helps you respond appropriately to stress
  •    🠢Affect PTSD symptoms and phobias
  •       🠢Immune system booster
  •          🠢Emotional stabilizer

    Vagus nerve activation
    ~ A golden gift ~
    • Deep belly laugh*
    • Humming, singing
    • Weeping

    **PORTAL Neck Therapy
    • Growling
    • Chanting
    • Gargling
    • Hand and/or foot reflexology
    • Immerse face in cold water for 30 seconds*

    Stress Melting Exercise
    1. Place right hand on belly
    2. Slowly stroke your left fingers back and forth across the back of your right hand and wrist for 1-2 minutes
    3. While gently breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth with a sigh
    4. Repeat on the other hand
    * The Vagus Nerve: Your secret weapon in fighting stress by Megan Hories, DPT - 2020
    **Go to PORTAL NECK info
    For more information on this topic visit Stimulating The Vagus Nerve With Reflexology